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Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation and Sustainability

As an employee at an aluminum recycling plant, Freddie Robinson saw firsthand the vast opportunities the metal industry could provide. “I can feed my family on buying aluminum cans alone,” he said. This bold assertion was not just about the financial benefits of recycling but also a testament to their faith and vision for a greener future. SPORC was born out of the desire to support local tradespeople and working-class residents who sought to supplement their income through recycling metals after a long day’s work. With this entrepreneurial mindset he and his wife Angela embarked on a remarkable journey of business ownership with the establishment of South Post Oak Recycling Center {SPORC). That was in 1994.

Fast forward to today, and SPORC celebrates its 30th anniversary—not just as a business, but as a vital community pillar and a beacon of environmental stewardship. This milestone is a celebration of the customers who trust SPORC daily, the dedicated team aligned around shared values, and a leadership focused on fostering a purpose-driven culture.

The Evolution of an Industry Leader
The recycling industry, like many others, has seen its share of changes over the past three decades. SPORC has not only witnessed this evolution but has actively participated in it. The company’s involvement in the Recycled Materials Association (ReMA), the recycling industry’s trade association, has kept it at the forefront of technological and educational advancements. Today, the impact of recycling is clearer than ever, with consumer goods, automobiles, and even buildings relying on materials that once would have been waste. SPORC’s proactive approach has ensured that it remains an essential link in the production chain, transforming recycled metals into valuable resources.

Community Impact: More Than Just Recycling
SPORC’s commitment extends far beyond the confines of its recycling facilities. The company believes in the power of community—creating connections, fostering belonging, and valuing every individual. Through initiatives like promoting STEM education in local schools, mentoring university students, and supporting other small businesses, SPORC has made a profound impact on the local area and beyond.

A Testament to Family Business Success
Transitioning from the first to the second generation is a formidable challenge for any family business, with only 30-40% navigating this change successfully. SPORC stands among these success stories, maintaining its core values while continuing to grow and evolve. Today, under the second-generation leadership of CEO Brandi Harleaux, SPORC remains clear about its responsibilities and the opportunities to advance a legacy of sustainability and community support.

Looking to the Future: Growth and Expansion
“The only constant is change,” and SPORC embodies this philosophy. Over the past three decades, the company has expanded geographically, diversified its customer base, and enhanced its service fleet—all in pursuit of providing superior service to its customers. This includes a growing team that brings fresh talents and experiences, ensuring that SPORC remains at the forefront of the recycling industry.

The Triple Bottom Line
Today, SPORC continues to deliver a triple bottom line to its customers: financial, environmental, and social value. Customers not only benefit financially but also contribute to a circular economy and gain the satisfaction of working with a company dedicated to bettering the world.

As we celebrate the 30th anniversary of South Post Oak Recycling Center, we look back with pride at the journey that has been, and forward with excitement to the future we are building together. Here’s to another 30 years of making a difference, one recycled item at a time. Let’s continue to recycle, repurpose, and reimagine a sustainable world for generations to come.

Address: 14600 S. Post Oak Rd. Houston, TX 77045


Phone: 713-433-9944

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